Gold in Geneva

In April, I was wandering around Europe with a band when I stumbled into a record store called l’Usine in Geneva, Switzerland. It was actually a gig venue but while setting up, I was asked if I wanted to see the venue owners record store. Being the vinyl nut I am, I immediately stopped hanging up t-shirts and headed in. It was record heaven. There were piles of CDs, 7″ers and t-shirts everywhere. I immediately trundled over to the 7″ vinyl section and began flicking through, hoping to find some vinyl by The Wildhearts. I didn’t find any but what I did find was mountains of rare Australian releases including the original pressing of the first GOD single, “My Pal”, the first Tumbleweed single, “Captain’s Log” and even a mint copy of “Johnny & Dee Dee / Julie Is A Junkie” by The Eastern Dark. I was ecstatic. I kept going and finding gem after gem but didn’t stop there. Once I had gone through all the singles, I headed up the old wooden stairs behind the t-shirts which took me up to the LPs and 10″ers. There was so much gold there, rare items going for only a few Euros each. I snapped up as much as I could afford. Some of my purchases included Bored!’s “Negative Waves” and “Feed The Dog”, some records by The Nomads, a copy of The Replacements “Stink” on Twin Tone, Fastbacks’ “Zucker” and “New Mansions In Sound”, plus many more hard to find gems in Australia. I highly recommend this shop to anyone passing through Switzerland as there are mountains of gold to be found there. When asking the owner, Damien, about why such rare records are so cheap, he advised me that he doesn’t want to rip music lovers off and that he wants to keep records afordable for the customers. I was happy with that. Here’s some snapshots of some of the gold I found there for a couple of Euros each:

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