How vinyl records are made…

I saw the link to these videos posted on another vinyl forum and after watching it, I found that it made me appreciate the vinyl record even more than I already do. This excellent 2 part video shows the lengthy process involved for making the happy medium that we appreciate so much. I had no idea that so much went into making a record and had always wondered just how the sound goes from being recorded in the studio to finishing up on that round disc with grooves filled with groove. If you have ever wondered just what goes into making a record what it is, you will enjoy this 2 part video. Highly recommended viewing.

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3 Responses to How vinyl records are made…

  1. Simnkaff says:

    Interesting videos, thanks. I used to (may still) have a metal stamper disc around that I found when I moved into my first flat. I also have a small stack of white label promo copies made from that same stamper. Unfortunately it wasn’t a hugely collectable recording.

    • Wow! Just out of curiosity, what was the band and promos for the stamper you have? Did you press records or was it something you found in your travels and collected?

      • Whoops, missed seeing your reply, sorry.
        The discs I found were the 12″ single “Celebration” by Jackie Harding. Other than a link on, I could find nothing else about her. As far as I could tell, the metal stamper I had (or have still got, somewhere) was from the same discs. Obviously I couldn’t play it to check. They’d been left in my first flat by a previous occupant, who may well have been involved in artist management. There’s also a test pressing of a record on Mayking records, that one day I’ll try and track down to see if it’s listed anywhere. And that’s all I know about Jackie.

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