The world’s largest record collection…

Many of you have probably already seen this but if you haven’t, I do recommend sitting yourself down and prepare to be amazed. This is incredible… and it’s also for sale. For the measly price of 3 Million, this could all be yours, my friends. It’s estimated value is worth over 50 Million and like everyone else who thinks about it, if I had the money spare, of course I’d buy it. I would love to go through this collection some time and just see what gems are found in there. I would say that he would have looked after them as well as he seems like someone who appreciates the vinyl record and just how awesome it is. I have found a webpage here that has information for people who are passing through Pittsburgh and wish to look at the archives. I plan on going to the USA next year and would love to stop by and have a look through this. I wonder how many Ramones records are within those walls? Hmmm…

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