I have to say, finding this store was a real treat and even better for me is that this store is just mere minutes from my house. Situated right next to Essendon train station, getting to and finding this store is extremely easy and there’s a ton of FREE parking next to it behind the Chinese restaurant, which is good because once you’re inside, you could easily spend an hour or more going through the LPs and 7″ers. The records here are reasonably priced with LPs usually costing $10 with many at $5 while most 7″ers are at the $2 mark. Best Of’s and Greatest Hits LPs are usually $3. The condition of the records for the most part are of good quality. I have picked up many gems here that are close to mint condition. One of the more attractive parts of the shop is that there is also a large range of Australian artists both on LP and 7″. There is also a huge selection of second hand books that are extremely cheap covering all genres. The shops owner, John Tait, is also the author of the book “Vanda & Young : Inside Australia’s Hit Factory” and signed copies can also be bought at the store.

I strongly recommend a visit to the store if you are in the area or a record collector looking for treasures in those off the beaten track type places. Best finds here: 2 x Sensational Alex Harvey Band LPs in min condition for $10.

You can find Essendon 2nd Hand at: 20 Russell Street, Essendon, 3040 or phone: 03 9372 9100. The shops hours are: Tues – Fri: 11am-6pm, Sat: 10am – 1pm, Sun & Mon: Closed. You can also visit the store online at:

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