It’s back! The Essendon Record Fair is coming soon so start saving your pennies. Held at the Ukrainian House (3 Russell St, Essendon – opposite Essendon Train Station), from 9:30am til 5pm, the rooms aren’t so big but they manage to squeeze in around 70,000 LPs and 10,000 CDs to choose from. Many rarities, all genres are covered, it’s all good. You may wanna get there early to score yourself a first look at what’s on offer, although at this time, you are sure to be surrounded by others doing the same. I have been to these before and they’re filled to the brim with awesome records. Some gems I have found here include a copy of a Cheap Trick double LP set of Dream Police and Budokan together complete with tour booklet inside for $1 and a mint copy of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Presence’ for like $4. One can’t complain about that now, can we? Bargain.

Record fairs can be amusing to me. Like, you see many of those real full on collector scum types who probably don’t actually listen to any music but just go to these things to boost their eBay accounts, know what I mean? I see a lot of them and they annoy me. What also bothers me are those sellers who know nothing about the music they are selling but think they know everything. I’m sorry mate but this Grand Funk Railroad LP is not rare and it’s definitely not worth $35. Kapeish! To me, I like going o record fairs and just crate digging, looking for albums I have been searching for my whole life (and believe me, there’s a few still on my list… maybe I should upload it here?) but I remember a problem I had once in Adelaide. I went to a record fair at the Woodville Town Hall many years ago and I was after a record and if you were after certain records, there was a PA system you could go over to and they would call out that album over the PA to all the stall holders and then the stall holders would hold up their hands if they had it. This is a heaps good idea cos then it is up to the buyer to choose which edition they are after and in turn, they could get themselves a cheaper deal as the numerous stall holders wanted to get rid of their record and the buyer then could choose which stall holder was the cheapest for the best condition. This was cool. But it also backfired once. I was after the Green River LP on vinyl. Remember the one? Black cover, green writing, members of grunge bands jamming together and making noise before grunge was even a genre? Anyway, I asked for that and only 1 stall holder had it. He put his hand up. I walked over to the stall and when I got there, there was no price on it and I asked how much it was. He told me $25. Just as he said that, the dude next to me told me he saw it in the crate for $10 and that the stall holder took the price off it once he knew someone wanted it. ASSHOLE! I then tried to bargain with the dude and he wouldn’t budge. He knew he was the only one there with it so if I wanted it, I would have to pay the $25 for it. I didn’t. Instead I bought a Venom “Here Lies Venom” boxset for $30 that had 4 LPs in it. Nice! I won.

Anyway, if you are going to be there on Sunday, the 12th of September, there is a cover charge of a measly $3 but either way, maybe I’ll see you there. I am looking forward to it. Let’s hope I can fill the gaps of those missing Rory Gallagher albums.

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