VIBEKE SAUGESTAD – “The World Famous Hat Trick” LP, Screaming Apple Records, 2007

From the cute smile beaming from the cover right through to the pop tunes, this LP is a sure-fire winner. I discovered Vibeke’s music the way a lot of her fans probably did; through her keyboard playin’, bootyshakin’, backing vocal talents as part of Norway’s power pop masters, The Yum Yums.

Vibeke sent this album on CD to me to review as part of my podcast, The Long Gone Loser Rock Show, and we spoke at great lengths about this and her other projects on the show which you can listen to right here (if you are interested in checking it out, that is) but the LP arrived today and I was ecstatic. To have this pop bliss to spin in the better format is just as hot as she looks. And not to keep pissing in her pocket but I gotta admit it… I really love this album. The songs are well crafted and her voice just shines through and sounds sugar sweet to these ears (especially after seeing Napalm Death a few weeks back). It should be noted that this is actually Vibeke’s 3rd album, following “Overdrive” (her impossible to find second album) and her debut, “Into The Shimmering”. Each album is different from the last and I feel they just keep improving. Oh, and did I mention just how cute the cover photo is? Well, it’s one for the walls. Buy it, turn it up and love it like I do. Yeah!

Track listing:

Side 1:
He’s Peculiar
Keep On Dreaming
Close The Door
No, I Won’t
Until The Sun Comes Out

Side 2:
Meant To Be With You
Waste Another Day
All For Now

The band:
Vibeke Saugestad – Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion
Morten Henriksen – Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
Peter Svee – Electric Guitar on Track 6, 7, 8 & 9
Lars Lundevall – Electric Guitar
Egil Stemkens – Bass
Pål Bråtelund – Bass on Track 7, 8 & 9
Tomas Dahl – Drums, Backing Vocals
Kyrre Fritzner – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Ottar Johansen – Handclaps

Check out Vibeke Saugestad online here.
Buy Vibeke’s music here.


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  1. stacy says:

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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