THE GOODNIGHT LOVING – “Arcobaleno” EP, Wild Honey Records, 2010

The Goodnight Loving came to Australia last year and they were super awesome. Their tour was a right blast. I saw them a few times and each time was amazing. So since then, I have been on the hunt for more of The Goodnight Loving’s records. Well, this EP arrived on the weekend from Soundflat Mailorder in Germany. Just have a look at how cool this one-sided EP looks. It’s 5 tracks of Goodnight Loving awesomeness on one side and a screenprinted picture on the other. Released by an Italian label called Wild Honey Records, I am unsure just how many were pressed but I’d get in quick cos I’m sure they’ll be snatched up pretty fast. The music itself is really good and was recorded in Italy in December 2008 at Outside Inside Studios. These cats from Milwaukee, WI know how to write a great tune over and over. Get into it!

Track listing:

4 & 3
You’ll Own My Heart
Sweet Clover

The band:

Colin Swinney – Bass, Guitar & Vocals
Andrew Kavanaugh – Guitar & Vocals
Andrew Harris – Guitar, Piano, Farfisa & Vocals
Zachary Byrne – Guitar, Bass, Farfisa & Vocals
Ryan Adams – Percussions & Vocals

Order now from Soundflat Mailorder by following this link.

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