Blondie covers and a new Baroness single

THE MR. T EXPERIENCE – “Sex Offender” single, Vital Music Records, 1990

Blondie covers have always been fun to hear and for the most part, it’s usually girl power pop bands that do them. Makes sense really seeing as Blondie is fronted by the amazingly talented Debbie Harry. Back in 2001, the Sympathy For The Record Industry label released a double LP lovingly titled “How Many Bands Does It Take To Screw Up A Blondie Tribute”; it featured a ton of old Blondie classics, reworked into the performing bands own style. Some were great, others good and there were a few that weren’t so good but the thing is that they had fun doing it. Blondie tunes are fun to play and singalong to. Everyone knows the words, we’ve all heard the songs before; it’s good time party music. Even after hearing that double LP, I still have to hail The Mr. T Experience’s reworked version of Blondie’s X-Offender, titled “Sex Offender” (which, sadly, and most importantly strangely, isn’t included in this tribute), as the greatest and definitive Blondie cover of all time.

Recorded back in 1990 on the New York City based Vital Music Records label, this single to me seemed like it was in press for a long time. Either due to the fact it’s an amazing version and everybody wanted it or it just didn’t sell well and seemed to always be available, who knows. All I can tell you is that this really is an amazing fun version of a classic Blondie tune. Pressed on nice clear vinyl, the sound of the press is perfect for the pop / punk style of music that the MTX were known for. The B-Side has an original titled “The Last Time I Listened To You” which is a work of lyrical genius and catchy chorus’.

I am pretty sure the Mr T Experience have called it a day but I do know that singer / songwriter, Dr Frank, has also written a book titled ‘King Dork’. You can buy a copy of that book right here. The single, on the other hand, your best bet is to try eBay. It’s worth it, trust me.

BARONESS – “A Horse Called Golgotha” single, Relapse Records, 2010

If you are yet to hear the sounds of Georgia’s Baroness, this could very well be the best place to start. Baroness are a force to be reckoned with. Great riffs, pounding drums and gang vocals with harmonies and toughness. This shit rules. They are touring Australia soon in support of Metallica’s shows in October and November. I highly recommend seeing them. These guys are riffmasters.

This single was recently released on Relapse Records as part of their Relapse Singles Series and comes in 5 shades of colours (not including the 100 pressed on clear because they aren’t available to the public); 309 on Black, 429 on Red, 493 on Pink, 45 on Clear Red, and 750 on Purple, and of course the cover art looks awesome. It is available now through Relapse’s website right here. The A side comes from their mindblowing latest album, Blue Record (also released on Relapse), while the flip has an exclusive cover of the Descendents’ “Bikeage”. Surprising, to say the least, because if you hear the original stuff Baroness do, it’s hardly pop / punk but somehow this works. And quite well too! I am stoked to see the band go out on a limb like this. Their version stays faithful to the original and after spinning this side of the record, I can definitely hear how the Descendents fit, albeit quite oddly, into the style of Baroness’ music. Great stuff!

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One Response to Blondie covers and a new Baroness single

  1. Kuz says:

    Baroness are stunning. I’ve not seen the single artwork for Horse before… typically amazing. I like how it’s a lot more lowkey than the album artwork with a much more muted colour palette and plain background. This is probably my favourite song of theirs. Nice blog btw – very varied range of posts.

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