KISS – ”Alive II”

I found this beauty in a second record / radio / stereo equipment store in Cleveland, Ohio. It cost me $2 which to me is a total bargain. This store had reasonable prices on anything and I bought a bunch of LPs from them but when I took them to the counter, the guy charged me $1 for the single LPs and $2 for the doubles saying that the records were overpriced anyway. I was not going to say no. I felt like I was ripping him off but kept my mouth shut. Anyway, I found this and to my surprise when I got it home, I noticed it still had the KISS ARMY fanclub sign-up form and the poster booklet; “The Evolution of KISS”. All this for $2? Thanks mate! I was a happy chap.

We all know the stories of this LP, that it was recorded in the studio, but that doesn’t stop it from being a classic. I always made a promise to never buy KISS stuff brand new cos I didn’t want Gene getting a cent from me and I have done well keeping to that tradition. But you can’t fault these 70’s albums by “the hottest band in the world”. This double LP sounds good and the only setback is the non-inclusion of Black Diamond which I personally think is their best song. Just sayin’.

Anyway, a great score for $2. Both the vinyl’s are mint and look as though they weren’t appreciated enough for a record released back in 1977. Sweetness!

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