This arrived today in the mail and I am pretty darn stoked on it. For those not in the know, Elvira has started up her Movie Macabre series again which, if you were a horror fan in the late 80’s, you no doubt stayed up late watching this hot buxom babe present to you the best in schlock horror films. It was on pretty late here and I got to see only a few movies as I was trying to attend highschool back then. Fast forward 20 years and Miss Cassandra Peterson and her alter-ego, Elvira, are back on American TV screens dishing out the best in terrible (read: awesome) B-grade horror films. To celebrate this return to the big screen, Elvira has been released on glorious vinyl.

This picture disc 7″ single has the theme song to Elvira’s Movie Macabre played by a bunch of spunky goth chicks known as The Black Belles. This was the first time I had heard of them but I hope it isn’t the last. The track “What Can I Do?” is on the A-side and an instrumental version of the same song is on the B-side. Now, I am usually not a fan of the same song on the B-side but as an instrumental deal but this time it can be used for good things like getting your girlfriend to dress as Elvira and do a sexy dance for you on your birthday to the soundtrack of this little number. Well, we can always hope and dream. I should also point out these tracks were also produced by Detroit’s very own, Jack White. True story.

Anyway, the cover is a coffin shaped fold out cardboard piece that has embossed spider webs and writing with a picture of The Black Belles and Elvira make-up tips on one side while on the other a bra-less mummified Elvira reaches out for you. HOTT! The record itself has another boobilicious picture of Elvira on one side with a photo of the Black Belles on the flip. To keep the awesomeness coming, this fold-out coffin cover apparently glows in the dark! I haven’t seen this happen yet as it just arrived today and it’s heaps bright and sunny in my room but I shall take note of it’s glowingness tonight when the lights are out. The record itself is pressed on nice and thick high-quality vinyl and can be obtained from Third Man Records. Link below.

Side A:
What Can I Do?

Groove message: “Now With Atmosphere!”

Side B:
What Can I Do? (Instrumental)

Groove message: “One… More… Time!”


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