STUPIDS and HARD-ONS – “No Cheese” EP, Waterfront Records, 1988

Back in 1988, UK skate punk band, The Stupids, decided to tour around Oz with fellow power pop punk band and Australia’s very own, The Hard-Ons. I wasn’t old enough to attend this tour but I did manage to buy this tour EP on lovely bright yellow 10″ vinyl back in the day. This 8 track EP includes both bands swapping instruments, playing covers and basically kicking out the fuckin’ jams in true punk rock style.

Side A is the Stupids side (Side Retard) and kicks off with a blistering cover of Minor Threat’s “No Reason” which sounds huge and features guest vocals by Randy Reimann from Massappeal. It’s brutal and a lot faster than the original. They also play an original titled “This Is The Norm”, tear through a 1 second track called “Fun” and finish off the side with a cover of the Ramones “Let’s Go”.

Side B is the Hard-Ons side (Side Nerd) and starts with a punk thrash cover of AC/DC’s “Walk All Over You” followed by a cover of the U.K. Subs, “C.I.D”. There’s a re-worked version of the 1 second song “Fun” from the A-Side re-titled “Nuf”, and the side ends with a supercharged and much heavier version of their single “All Set To Go” complete with double kick pedal.

Waterfront seemed to dish up the coollest vinyl releases in the 80’s, especially the releases by the Hard-Ons, complete with their over-the-top artwork by the band’s bass player, Ray Ahn. This EP is no exception both with the artwork and the music within. Both sides of the record contain humourous spoken pieces between the songs; highly politically incorrect but funny nonetheless.

The record also has 2 inserts. The first is a comic strip drawn by Ray and is pretty funny, detailing antics from the tour. It also includes the lyrics and who played on what songs. The second insert is a catalogue for Waterfront records that details the label’s releases at the time. This was handy for me growing up because it gave me an idea of records I needed to find.

I believe 2000 copies of this 10″ vinyl were released. 1000 in Australia and 1000 in the UK to coincide with the tours in their respective coutries. I have seen this pop up on eBay a few times and as of now, this record is the only place you can find these versions. The Hard-Ons cover of AC/DC was re-released on their 2 CD boxset, “A Decade Of Rock”, but that has been out of print for a long time now also. Happy hunting!

Track listing:

Side 1
No Reason
This Is The Norm
Let’s Go

Groove message: “RRRRRROB!!!”

Side 2
Walk All Over You
All Set To Go

Groove Message: “BORRRRRR!!!”

The bands:

The Stupids:
Ed – Guitar
Steve – Bass
Tommy – Drums

The Hard-Ons:
Blackie – Guitar
Ray – Bass
Keish – Drums

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