Who am I?

I live in Melbourne, Australia and I am a vinyl junkie. Sometime around 1985, I bought my first record with my own cash. It was, I think, Motorhead’s “Another Perfect Day” although it may also have been Twisted Sister’s “Under The Blade” on picture disc for $5 from Andromeda Music in Adelaide, I can’t quite remember, unfortunately. Each weekend when I was given pocket money for helping out around the house, I would rush to the city and start buying more and more records. There were no CDs back then and the only alternative was tapes but I wasn’t interested in the way they chewed up. If a record scratches, I can fix that. If a tape chews, the sound becomes a garbled mess as opposed to a pop on a record. The vinyl LP quickly became attractive to me both with it’s larger artwork and the whole connection I had with the sound, the things that came inside your records, gatefold covers, posters, patches (like what came inside that very first Motorhead LP that I bought), etc. I wasn’t finding any of that inside tapes.

I started this blog as a way to connect with other people who enjoy vinyl records; collecting, listening, enjoying, searching out the gems found in stores across the globe. I am a vinyl lover, music listener and occasionally a vinyl collector (I say occasionally as I don’t buy records to collect, I buy records to listen to and enjoy). This blog is only about vinyl and I hope it serves you well as a source for all things to do with vinyl records. Please feel free to leave comments, stories, and other things of interest regarding your record finds and collections.

My main vinyl loves are rock n roll records but I am pretty much into anything that sounds good; rock, metal, punk, soul, old-school hip-hop, glam, jazz, alt-country, etc. To me, good music is good music, no matter who writes it.

I will also post any news about records, great finds in Melbourne or Australia, shopping and anything else relating to the wonders of vinyl records.

Thanks for your support.



2 Responses to Who am I?

  1. Kahlil says:

    Yesss! Nice. Great idea.

  2. Hi,

    Like your blog. Would love to be included on your list of US Vinyl vendors as we have been in business for nearly 18 years and certainly belong on a list that includes other “brokers” like Pirates, Morphius, Grovehouse, Cravedog..


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