A STORM OF LIGHT / NADJA – “Primitive North” 2xLP, Robotic Empire, 2008

When this arrived in the mail, I was amazed at the packaging found within. A lot of care and love has gone in to making this record look superb from the artwork to the vinyl, it all looks amazing. When I saw this listed on the Robotic Empire website, I had to buy it. A bargain at $16.99, this heavy record looks and sounds amazing.

Starting with the cover, the art looks like something you would have seen on panel vans in the 1970’s parked at Judas Priest concerts. Hot! The gatefold sleeve has more beautiful nordic inspired art within and so does the lyrical insert. Truly gorgeous to look at.

The vinyl itself is incredible. The phosphoresence coloured 180 gram vinyl has 3 sides of music while the 4th has a nice design printed on the wax. Different to a picture disc, the vinyl stays smokey clear so that when you look at the 3rd side, the picture is visible. It looks fabulous.

As for the music, the sounds found within are a mix of drone sludge with melody and atmospheric songs of melancholy and heavy guitars. For fans of Jesu, Isis, Boris, etc. If that style of music moves you, I highly recommend you get your hands on this. You will not at all be disappointed. The 2xLP also comes with a CD of the album so you can plonk the tunes on to your iPod when you wanna wig out on trains, planes and automobiles.

Track listing:

Side 1:
A Storm Of Light – Brother & Sister

Side 2:
Nadja – I Make Your Eyes The Sun

Side 3:
Nadja – Brother (Remix)
A Storm Of Light – I Make Your Eyes The Sun (Remix)

The bands:

A Storm Of Light:
Josh Graham – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Domenic Seita – Bass, Vocals
Vinny Signorelli – Drums
Pete Angevine – Drums
Nerissa Campbell – Vocals

Aidan Baker – Guitars, Vocals, Drums
Leah Buckareff – Bass, Vocals


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