TEGAN AND SARA – “The Official Vinyl Collection” Boxset

Tegan and Sara, for those who don’t know, are a female duo who play pretty little acoustic pop rock songs. Their vinyl sells for big bucks now on eBay as they are hard to come by but thanks to the major label multi-national corporation known as Warner Brothers, they dished up a 6 LP boxset of their 5 albums; Sainthood, The Con, So Jealous, If It Was You, and The Business of Art. Plus, as an added bonus, exclusive to this boxset you also get Home Recordings which includes 9 demo songs dating back to the So Jealous record. The track listing on Home Recordings is as follows:

Side 1:
Walking With A Ghost
Fix You Up
Where Does The Good Go
Back In Your Head
Dark Come Soon

Side 2:
Red Belt
Sentimental Tune
The Ocean

Reading the Because Sound Matters website, this boxset has now sold out so your best bet is to hunt around on the internet and see what you can find. I am guessing now that because this is now unavailable, this too will go for big bucks on eBay. My copy was pre-ordered and the pre-orders had a signed LP sized poster in the box. This poster can be seen in the second photo below.


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