I NEED THAT RECORD documentary

Last night I sat down to watch the documentary titled “I Need That Record” directed by Brendan Toller. The documentary takes a look at the closing of the independent record stores across the USA. It features interviews with the likes of Mike Watt, Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and Ian Mackaye (Minor Threat / Fugazi / Dischord Records) plus record store owners and consumers. There’s also a look at the “pay to play” system and footage from the Napster case, including the debate between Public Enemy’s Chuck D and Metallica’s Lars Ulrich of which I hadn’t ever seen. This film has it all and is both entertaining and informative. After watching it, I just wanted to go out and buy records… but seeing as it was 11pm, no shops were open… unless of course I was in the USA where the Wal Mart’s are open for 24 hours. But why would I go there anyway? They don’t even stock vinyl.

Before people outside of the USA think “Well I don’t live there, what has this got to do with me?”, the answer is, everything. It doesn’t matter where you live, the independent record store is always under attack in more ways than we can see on the surface. In the UK, there has been an alarming rate of record stores closing its doors. I am saddened that when I go back there someday, all those record stores that I used to frequent in 2002 during my 3 month stint there will no longer be open.

The connection between people and the music they love is seen throughout this documentary. While watching it, I remember looking at my record collection and realising just how much it means to me. Some people like to spend money on booze, others like drugs, some like art, others like building cars, etc. But for me, I like buying records.

I recommend this movie wholeheartedly, even if you don’t buy records but still buy music in whatever format you choose to listen to. This doco will help you understand what we are at threat of losing if we don’t change the way we appreciate the artists and what they do for us.

Visit the official website for the documentary right here: http://www.ineedthatrecord.com/

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THE GOODNIGHT LOVING – “Arcobaleno” EP, Wild Honey Records, 2010

The Goodnight Loving came to Australia last year and they were super awesome. Their tour was a right blast. I saw them a few times and each time was amazing. So since then, I have been on the hunt for more of The Goodnight Loving’s records. Well, this EP arrived on the weekend from Soundflat Mailorder in Germany. Just have a look at how cool this one-sided EP looks. It’s 5 tracks of Goodnight Loving awesomeness on one side and a screenprinted picture on the other. Released by an Italian label called Wild Honey Records, I am unsure just how many were pressed but I’d get in quick cos I’m sure they’ll be snatched up pretty fast. The music itself is really good and was recorded in Italy in December 2008 at Outside Inside Studios. These cats from Milwaukee, WI know how to write a great tune over and over. Get into it!

Track listing:

4 & 3
You’ll Own My Heart
Sweet Clover

The band:

Colin Swinney – Bass, Guitar & Vocals
Andrew Kavanaugh – Guitar & Vocals
Andrew Harris – Guitar, Piano, Farfisa & Vocals
Zachary Byrne – Guitar, Bass, Farfisa & Vocals
Ryan Adams – Percussions & Vocals

Order now from Soundflat Mailorder by following this link.


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VIBEKE SAUGESTAD – “The World Famous Hat Trick” LP, Screaming Apple Records, 2007

From the cute smile beaming from the cover right through to the pop tunes, this LP is a sure-fire winner. I discovered Vibeke’s music the way a lot of her fans probably did; through her keyboard playin’, bootyshakin’, backing vocal talents as part of Norway’s power pop masters, The Yum Yums.

Vibeke sent this album on CD to me to review as part of my podcast, The Long Gone Loser Rock Show, and we spoke at great lengths about this and her other projects on the show which you can listen to right here (if you are interested in checking it out, that is) but the LP arrived today and I was ecstatic. To have this pop bliss to spin in the better format is just as hot as she looks. And not to keep pissing in her pocket but I gotta admit it… I really love this album. The songs are well crafted and her voice just shines through and sounds sugar sweet to these ears (especially after seeing Napalm Death a few weeks back). It should be noted that this is actually Vibeke’s 3rd album, following “Overdrive” (her impossible to find second album) and her debut, “Into The Shimmering”. Each album is different from the last and I feel they just keep improving. Oh, and did I mention just how cute the cover photo is? Well, it’s one for the walls. Buy it, turn it up and love it like I do. Yeah!

Track listing:

Side 1:
He’s Peculiar
Keep On Dreaming
Close The Door
No, I Won’t
Until The Sun Comes Out

Side 2:
Meant To Be With You
Waste Another Day
All For Now

The band:
Vibeke Saugestad – Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion
Morten Henriksen – Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
Peter Svee – Electric Guitar on Track 6, 7, 8 & 9
Lars Lundevall – Electric Guitar
Egil Stemkens – Bass
Pål Bråtelund – Bass on Track 7, 8 & 9
Tomas Dahl – Drums, Backing Vocals
Kyrre Fritzner – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Ottar Johansen – Handclaps

Check out Vibeke Saugestad online here.
Buy Vibeke’s music here.


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THE EASTERN DARK – “Girls On The Beach (With Cars)” 2xLP, Waterfront Records, 1990

The Eastern Dark’s “Julie Is A Junkie / Johnny & Dee Dee” single released on Waterfront Records in 1985 was an instant cult classic. True story. The power pop anthems that singer / guitarist James Darroch was writing instantly gave the listener confirmation that he was a songwriter way ahead of his time. The Eastern Dark, I believe, could have easily become one of the biggest bands in Australian rock history if the horrific crash that unfortunately claimed the life of the 26 year old singer were to have somehow been avoided. May he rest in peace. His music will live on forever though and that is somewhat comforting to know. Their EP on Waterfront Records titled “Long Live The New Flesh” contains songs that sound as fresh today as they did 24 years ago when they were released to the public. Just listen to instant classics like “I Don’t Need The Reasons” or “No Pictures”. James Darroch was on to something. Those songs are simply amazing as is everything else he wrote.

I found this double LP in a box of records that this guy I knew was going to take to a record fair. He had it sitting there, in mint condition, collecting dust. I had been searching for it and I asked him how much he wanted for it and he advised me he was looking at $25 for it. I snapped it up immediately and took this treasure home and span it with excitement. This collection is all live recordings except for 2 home demos on side 3 and the records were pressed on nice thick blue vinyl. Some of this record has been re-issued on CD with the band’s studio recordings on the Half A Cow label under the title “Where Are All The Single Girls?” As this CD doesn’t feature all of these tracks (I am guessing due to the fact some of these songs are covers and the label didn’t wish to pay the royalties?), to hear this entire record, you will need to find this gem. I am unsure of the amount pressed (I am guessing somewhere around 1000 copies but don’t quote me on it) and I have never seen it on eBay so happy hunting. Record fairs would probably be your best way of finding it.

Record 1 track listing:

Side 1:
C&W Metal
Johnny & Dee Dee
Confrontation Time
Sacrifice Of Will
The President Is Dead

Groove message: “Piss Off, Postie”

Side 2:
Julie Is A Junkie
I Don’t Take LSD
Stay Sane Somehow
Used To Death

Record 2 track listing:

Side 3:
Stay Alone
Mr. Clean

Groove message: “Fun And Festivities (And Sins Of The Flesh)”

Side 4:
I Wanna Destroy You
Bad Times
And Then The Rain
Wish She Were Mine
Stompin’ All Over The World
Silly Girl

Groove message: “No! No! You Wait Here, I’ll Go To The Bar”

The band:
James Darroch – Electric & Acoustic Guitars & Vocals
Bill Gibson – Bass and Acoustic Guitars, Piano & Vocals
Geoff Milne – Drums & Percussion

To buy a copy of the CD version of “Where Are All The Single Girls”, click here.

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Today I went to the Record & CD Fair at the Ukrainian Hall in Essendon to grab myself some bargains. I have been to this fair before and there is usually a good amount of swag to be purchased. The flyers claim 70,000 records and whilst I didn’t bother counting them all, I can definitely say there were “shitloads”. Right now I am listening to “Rated X” by Black Oak Arkansas which cost me a total of $3. Other vinyl swag I snapped up was a mint copy of Rainbow’s “Rising” for a measly $4, “Relaxing with The Heads” for $9, “Framed” by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band for $5 and the creme de la creme for me was finding the soundtrack for The Sore Losers released by Sympathy For The Record Industry in a nice gatefold cover housing a double slab of wax. I have been searching for this album for years and finally here it was, chucked in some random box of some newly arrived slabs of wax. Mine! Other notable mentions were the Tygers of Pan Tang, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, ZZ Top, S.O.D.’s “Speak English or Die” and a copy of Danzig’s “Lucifuge”. I also snapped up some J Church singles and Flaming Sideburns split 7″ with Thee Virus. So all up, I’d say that was a good day.

The prices today were pretty good too although I still have to laugh at some Record Fair ettiquette. I laugh when I go there and see stall holders selling KISS records for $25 – $30. Look, I don’t care if your copy of “Unmasked” still has the poster, it ain’t worth $25 when I bought mine for $10. I think some of these stall holder have come from the same schooling as those who work in airports. Seriously, $40 for a copy of Iron Maiden’s “Number Of The Beast” is just stupid. Besides, every Maiden fan should already own that anyway. I also laugh when I see people slap stickers on the most easily accessible records; for example, a copy of the Sex Pistols “Never Mind The Bollocks” had a sticker on it saying “RARE UK Pressing!” No, it’s not rare, the Sex Pistols were British so it makes perfect sense that it’s a UK pressing you idiot! I just don’t get it. Bruce Springsteen records for $15? Are you kidding? You’re a fool if you pay that much.

I also find merchants who know nothing about the music they’re selling to be complete frauds and not really at all interested in music. I wish there was a way a big trapdoor would open up below them and they’d fall down it. I heard 2 dudes having a serious heated argument over which was a better record; some shit band’s debut #1 or some shit band’s debut #2. Like, really? Whatever, dude. Another thing that I find amusing is when some buyer wants to snap up record A and the merchant is like “Yeah, this is a fantastic record. I love it. One of my favourites!” Well, if it is, why the fuck are you selling it? “Oh, I’ve moved on to CDs now.” Nice save. Pity it reveals a lot about your love of music by selling off a nice analogue medium for a stale digital reproduction.

Still though, I love crate digging at record fairs. One dude today was selling off what I guess was his own record collection. He was selling everything at half price. When asked why he was selling it all, he answered “I’m done, I don’t have time for it anymore so it’s time to give back”. Works for me. I scored the Rainbow record for $4 from him and it is in superb condition. Bargain! How good is the track Stargazer? Yeah, heaps good!

Anyway, that’s my rant about the Essendon fair over. Not a bad day. I love record hunting. I can’t wait to go back to the USA next year and just go hunting for records that I have been searching out for years. All those basement shops with boxes of $1 LPs are just itching to be dug through again.

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Who doesn’t love Tom Petty? Exactly! He’s an American rock n roll icon who has written a shitload of killer tunes and still touring and rockin’ across the world today. Like many people around my age, I was introduced to Tom Petty’s music when I heard “American Girl”. A classic catchy number that I am sure has been used for more weddings, proposals, funerals and American sports shows whilst images of American female olympic heroe’s have been flashing on the screen than one has had hot dinners. It’s good to know that the dude is still out there, doing what he does; making honest rock n roll with guts and soul. His new album, “Mojo”, came out a few months back and here’s a look at it:

I’m a huge fan of the Because Sound Matters website. Lots of good releases and the packaging is always tops. I have this Mastodon double 180 gram vinyl record for their “Crack The Skye” album and the packaging looks incredible. You can count on these cats for quality.


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This Australian chap wants to sell off his 35 year collection as he has no time to listen to them anymore. Head on over to http://www.chainpurr.com/ and check out what’s on offer. I saw some Sunnyboys stuff there, a Stooges record, some Bob Seger, etc. So there’s some good stuff there on offer for some decent prices. For the most part it’s general and mainstream but there are a few rarities in there. I don’t look forward to the day when I no longer have time to listen to the records I have accumulated but I am sure once you have a family it gets harder and harder. Anyway, check out the site and if you end up buying stuff from him, say you read about it here 🙂

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Dead Format Website

I recently discovered this website called Dead Format. It’s a great website with news and information of vinyl releases with pressing info, photos, label, where to buy, etc. I suggest you check out it out if you collect records and want to find out about the latest releases in the punk, heavy, drone, metal, experimental, psyche, genres. Awesome stuff. Highly recommended.


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It’s back! The Essendon Record Fair is coming soon so start saving your pennies. Held at the Ukrainian House (3 Russell St, Essendon – opposite Essendon Train Station), from 9:30am til 5pm, the rooms aren’t so big but they manage to squeeze in around 70,000 LPs and 10,000 CDs to choose from. Many rarities, all genres are covered, it’s all good. You may wanna get there early to score yourself a first look at what’s on offer, although at this time, you are sure to be surrounded by others doing the same. I have been to these before and they’re filled to the brim with awesome records. Some gems I have found here include a copy of a Cheap Trick double LP set of Dream Police and Budokan together complete with tour booklet inside for $1 and a mint copy of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Presence’ for like $4. One can’t complain about that now, can we? Bargain.

Record fairs can be amusing to me. Like, you see many of those real full on collector scum types who probably don’t actually listen to any music but just go to these things to boost their eBay accounts, know what I mean? I see a lot of them and they annoy me. What also bothers me are those sellers who know nothing about the music they are selling but think they know everything. I’m sorry mate but this Grand Funk Railroad LP is not rare and it’s definitely not worth $35. Kapeish! To me, I like going o record fairs and just crate digging, looking for albums I have been searching for my whole life (and believe me, there’s a few still on my list… maybe I should upload it here?) but I remember a problem I had once in Adelaide. I went to a record fair at the Woodville Town Hall many years ago and I was after a record and if you were after certain records, there was a PA system you could go over to and they would call out that album over the PA to all the stall holders and then the stall holders would hold up their hands if they had it. This is a heaps good idea cos then it is up to the buyer to choose which edition they are after and in turn, they could get themselves a cheaper deal as the numerous stall holders wanted to get rid of their record and the buyer then could choose which stall holder was the cheapest for the best condition. This was cool. But it also backfired once. I was after the Green River LP on vinyl. Remember the one? Black cover, green writing, members of grunge bands jamming together and making noise before grunge was even a genre? Anyway, I asked for that and only 1 stall holder had it. He put his hand up. I walked over to the stall and when I got there, there was no price on it and I asked how much it was. He told me $25. Just as he said that, the dude next to me told me he saw it in the crate for $10 and that the stall holder took the price off it once he knew someone wanted it. ASSHOLE! I then tried to bargain with the dude and he wouldn’t budge. He knew he was the only one there with it so if I wanted it, I would have to pay the $25 for it. I didn’t. Instead I bought a Venom “Here Lies Venom” boxset for $30 that had 4 LPs in it. Nice! I won.

Anyway, if you are going to be there on Sunday, the 12th of September, there is a cover charge of a measly $3 but either way, maybe I’ll see you there. I am looking forward to it. Let’s hope I can fill the gaps of those missing Rory Gallagher albums.

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I’m a little late in reporting this as it made the news on Monday but I figured it belongs here also. Apologies.

SOURCE: http://messandnoise.com/news/4036170

Melbourne Record Store Institutions Merge

News posted Monday, August 16 2010 at 04:00 PM.

In order to stem the growing tide of record store closures, two Melbourne institutions have decided to join forces.

After more than three decades 10 years at its Swanston Street shop front, Record Collectors Corner will shift into Missing Link’s Bourke Street premises in October. Missing Link will absorb Collectors Corners’ large inventory of new and second-hand vinyl, DVDs and CDs, as well as staff. The news follows the launch of Missing Link’s digital-download service in June.

Missing Link owner Nigel Rennard spoke to M+N about the merger from Thailand today.

Why did you decide to merge?
The opportunity came about as the lease for the Collectors Corner shop was expiring at the end of September. Both [Collectors Corner proprietor] Peter Snow and I have been involved in the music business since the early 1980s. We know each other well and have an ethos in support of independents. Both stores are indeed different in nature but the combination of the two broadens our range and appeal to a larger customer base, reduces both our costs, increases our stock level markedly and brings in genres and ranges that neither of us carried separately.

What does Collectors Corner offer you that you don’t already have?
A fuller and more diverse range of things to sell. Missing link has a great metal, punk, industrial, alternative pop and krautrock etc. range. Collectors Corner will introduce their DVD range along with reggae and their general A-Z of rock, along with the expansion of our great second-hand vinyl and CD ranges.

What will happen to Collectors Corner’s staff?
Peter is also opening another store [Record Collectors Corner Curtin House] that will cater to the more jazz-inclined customer, and staff will be split between the two stores. We both believe in keeping good staff and there will be no changes at Missing Link.

Will the name of the store or the signage change?
We will primarily be Missing Link and have not yet decided about other signage. Although I think we both agree that there’s probably not much point in trying to maintain a two-shop exterior when we will in effect be one shop.

Will Collectors Corner have its own section within the store?
The store will have a massive amount of stock filling every space available. Although currently underutilised space will be filled, we are under the one roof. We will have one sales counter, but will account for those sales separately.

What will happen when Missing Link has to shift in April next year [the landlord has decided to demolish the premises]?
Peter and I are of course looking to the future and will assess where things stand by early next year. We have discussed what we feel is a very attractive scenario after March next year, but we want to see how things go in the last part of the year.

Is this an indication that things are getting tougher for record store operators?
There’s no beating around the bush about the international outlook for music sales right now, and going forward our decision of course reflects this. We both wish to keep indie music alive and still feel there’s a need for the people who appreciate music stores to still have that experience. Many of our friends have fallen by the wayside in recent years and we hope we don’t join them.

UPDATE: Record Collectors Corner will open a second store at Curtin House on September 23. It will be situated on the third floor next to Metropolis Books.


MONO Equipped’s take on this? Not that it really means anything but personally, I think it’s a good thing. I have noticed that Missing Link’s stock has gotten less and less over the last 3 years and with the shop being huge, it looks more and more empty each time I go in there. Collector’s Corner has tons of vinyl stock with my only beef being that it’s a little overpriced; example: $25 for a used Nazareth LP isn’t cool. Regardless, this will make the Missing Link store a much better environment for vinyl customers as there should now be tons of swag to get through ensuring tha your vinyl buying experience is a positive and fulfilling one. I think this merge is an excellent idea! Two thumbs up.

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